In the slowly flowing time, you can experience quintessential ambience of Japan

The hotel built on a great hill has 10 Japanese-traditional-style rooms with tatami mattress of the size from 33㎡ to 46㎡ (the capacity for each room is 5~6 persons maximum) As a high-quality luxury resort, the hotel is the best for the time of the relaxation passed with families and friends. The hotel invites you to the comfortable moment; within the quiet and clear environment, while hearing the birds tweeting, you might forget all your troubles and noise of the city.

<Color-YUKATA rental (per charge)> 

There are several design of colorful Yukatas for ladies available at the reception. Would you please feel free to ask any staff.

The heavenly moment in which you could satisfy with the various seasonal foods

At the restaurant on the first floor, we provide you with original cuisine called French Kaiseki that is based upon French with a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine “kaiseki”. You could be surprised and enjoy the various of food caught in Yamanashi local and fresh seasonal ingredients. Moreover, we have in stock several kinds of wine from Katsunuma Yamanashi and more.Please enjoy the dishes cooked with carefully selected seasonable foodsWe are always welcoming you all with heart-warming hospitality.

※You might have breakfast at the terrace on the first floor.

The space of the relaxation which heals the body and the soul

There are large hot spas for men and women and each spa has steam bath and open-air spa. All guests might be celebrated with the change of the four seasons from spas.Furthermore, you can enjoy the great view of Mt.Fuji and the lake Yamanaka from the main lounge with fireplace; or a perfect starlit sky at the terrace on the first floor .in a clear night.There is Karaoke room, Aromatherapy Salon conference rooms for business use and for recreational use.We provide all guests to have magnificent times in the space of the relaxation which relieves the heart and the body.

Aromatherapy Salon
The highly-skilled estheticians with great hospitality provide body massage and aromatherapy. You can be deeply relaxed in mind and body and you must be satisfied with the bliss of massage and aromatherapy.


1489-4 yamanaka, yamanakako-mura, minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi-ken 401-0501, JAPAN

From Tokyo Area

From Train 
Shinjuku→ JR Chuoline 1h14min →Otsuki Station→ Fujikyukoline 45min→ Fujisan Station→ Fujikyu Bus30minFujikyu Bus30minv → YAMANAKAKO(Hotel Mount Fuji iriguchi)
High way bus(Fujikyu-Express bus /Chuo-Express bus)
Shinjuku・Tokyo →Chuo-Express way 2h30min → Lake‐Yamanakako(Hotel Mt.Fuji entrance station)

From Nagoya, Osaka

Shinkansen line
Nagoya- station→ Kodama Shinkansen 1h47min→ Mishima‐station → Fujikyu‐Express bus 45min→
Fujikyu‐Express bus 30min→ Lake‐Yamanakako Hotel Mt.Fuji entrance station

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