The hotel is in the great location in which takes about 15 minutes by car from the nearest Interchange; the exit of a toll road.

New Star Hotel is located on Higashi-fuji-goko Road, about 15 minutes from Yamanakako Interchage. The hotel is ideally located for visiting a host of sights,including Mount Fuji, the Fuji Five Lakes and Hakone.

From Train 

Shinjuku→(JR Chuoline 1h14min) →Otsuki Station→(Fujikyukoline 45min)→ Fujisan Station→(Fujikyu Bus30min)→ YAMANAKAKO(Hotel Mount Fuji iriguchi)

Nagoya- station→(Kodama Shinkansen 1h47min)→ Mishima‐station →(Fujikyu‐Express bus 45min)→Gotenba‐station→(Fujikyu‐Express bus 30min)→ Lake‐Yamanakako Hotel Mt.Fuji entrance station

High way bus(Fujikyu-Express bus  /Chuo-Express bus)

Shinjuku・Tokyo →(Chuo-Express way 2h30min) → Lake‐Yamanakako(Hotel Mt.Fuji entrance station)